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August 2013 - August 2015

California Time

Sunday, March 31, 2013

The California Arcadia Mission

Andrew will be serving in the California Arcadia Mission in the Spanish language. He reports to the Mexico Missionary Training Center on August 7th. 

We were waiting for his call all week and we got the mail on Good Friday.

 And we found this...

He's nervous? Excited? Ready? 

All of the above! 

Here's the official video:

Thank you to all of those who came over to share in opening his call. We are thankful for your friendship and support. Andrew is very excited and says he feels: "excited y satisfecho."

Keep you posted.


Sunday, March 17, 2013

They're In

Hello to all who read this blog,
This is Arica, Andrew's second oldest sister, I will be taking care of all things dubbed "Andrew's Mission". When it comes to emails, communication, addresses, or any other sort of information...I'm your girl.

A couple of housekeeping items for now and the future:

  • You may comment on the blog but Andrew will not be responding. Remember who's running the blog. If you have questions for me, Arica, you can post them there too. Don't post them on facebook...I probably will not see them. All conversations/questions will be discussed on the actual blog.
  • I will mostly use this as a place to put his emails while he is on his mission, for all to enjoy. 
  • Pictures will be shared ONLY when Andrew sends them, I will not beg for pictures from him, this part will be a learning curve to us all. 
  • Andrew can only email family while on his mission, you may email him but it's better if you just write a letter. It's a lot more fun to get mail during the week than 1000 emails once a week.
  • I will be posting these on HIS (Andrew's) facebook page, so no need to worry if you missed an email. Also, you can follow him on here by typing your email address in the box under Follow My Emails. 

That concludes the boring but necessary stuff.

In the mean time, I thought I'd announce...Andrew's papers are officially in.
Official mission photo

Andrew got started on all of his doctors appointments and meetings in February and finished with the Stake President last Tuesday. We were informed the papers were sent to Salt Lake on Friday night. Now...we wait.

Take time answer the poll (above) and we'll let you know when the call comes and where he will be serving.

Arica Page