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Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Many people have been asking if there is some place they can donate money. We were never expecting this response and are humbled for your thoughts. We tried to make this as easy as possible for you.

Please contribute to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Mission Fund.

  • Check payable to: Matthews Ward
  • Send to our Bishop: Jeffery Davis
  • 8205 Glamorgan Lane 
  • Matthews, North Carolina 28104

Personal checks are also welcome, make the check to Maggie Page, and send it to the same address as above.

Thank you again for all your prayers and love, we can feel it.

~Arica Page

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Teenage Mormon missionary from Charlotte dies in Calif. bicycle accident

Charlotte Observer
By Lindsay Ruebens
Posted: Saturday, Oct. 12, 2013

Over the summer, a recent Independence High graduate was excited to start fulfilling his calling to serve a two-year mission for the Mormon church near Los Angeles.

But family and friends were heartbroken to learn Thursday that just two months into his mission, Elder Andrew Page, 18, was hit by a car in California while he was on his bicycle and died.

The crash was an accident and Page didn’t look for oncoming traffic when he made a turn, The Deseret News in Salt Lake City reported. Although Page was wearing a helmet, he died of his injuries, including head trauma, shortly after 10 p.m. in a hospital.

On Saturday, Page’s mother, Charlotte resident Maggie Page, described her son as a peaceful, faith-filled and humorous teen. He graduated in the top 20 of his class, she said, was a Boy Scout and loved playing the tenor saxophone.

“Every single person who knew him loved him, and he was the funniest guy ever,” said his friend, Trevor Jackson. He said he grew up with Page and they played saxophone together in the Independence marching band.

“I know it sounds corny, and a lot of people say this, but he was like a brother to me,” said Jackson, who also is 18 and attends Brigham Young University.

Page’s mother said she doesn’t want anyone to blame themselves for his death.

“I wouldn’t want anyone to feel like they have to live with that,” she said, choking up on the phone. “It was where he was supposed to be. There are sometimes things that happen in our lives, and we don’t know the answers why.”

She said her son was a source of strength for her and his three older sisters, particularly after her husband died three and a half years ago.

“He’s been such a blessing to our family, and it will be a struggle to heal the hole in my heart, but I know... this life is so temporary, and we do have eternity to look forward to,” she said.

Bryant Baker, president of the Charlotte North Carolina Central Stake in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, called Page “a fine young man.”

“He was a person that people liked to be around, and he was so excited about the opportunity to serve,” Baker said.

After committing to two years of service in California, Page had planned to attend Brigham Young University.

Baker said a funeral is planned for 11 a.m. next Saturday at the Charlotte North Carolina Central Stake on Rocky River Road.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Time Flies When You're in the Sun

Oh man! There is lots to be done!

Hey everybody! Hows it going? I have quite an email for ya so sit back and relax and pay attention all at the same time.

First off and most importantly, CONFERENCE WAS AWESOME! I wish i could express how much the talks and analogies meant to me more than "awesome" but my time is short to express the true feelings of my heart. Im glad that Pres Monson laid the smackdown on missionary work with the members. He had a lot of insights on hastening the work last year but this time the way we must hasten the work is through member missionary work. Every member a missionary. They mentioned that at least 3 or 4 times. Its worth repeating. Another talk i really enjoyed was Uchtdorfs talk on Come, Join with Us. It was so amazing. We rewatched it with some investigators on their computer and they were moved to tears. His name is S.P. Hes prolly my favorite investigator right now. The reason for that being is because he said he would be baptized on the 20th! Im super excited. His wife is a recent convert and his son D. is still taking the lessons. D. is still a little hesitant about being baptized. Pray for him please!

Anyways back to conference. Something else that I noticed was that there were a couple talks on the importance of women. Especially the talk from Christoffersen who laid out and said "I dont want the differences between men and women to be erased" and he said " I dont want strong tough women, i want women who are dignified and loyal". Those were prolly some of my favorite lines. For Hollands talk I was really impressed on how he was completely honest in describing what to do when we are depressed. He is awesome. I would have to say that my favorite talk out of all was Uchtdorfs Come Join talk. It is just so inspiring because that is what I am here to do. Some other highlights that were cool were the talks involving; Exclamation Point, The Marble Story, Uchtdorfs Life Alert (Help Ive fallen and I cant get up), and others. I really do love all of them. They are inspired men of God. I especially love Thomas S. Monson and the council that he gives throughout the whole conference; be not afreaid, neither be thou dismayed. The Lord will fill the words of your mouth if you let Him. Conference has a new meaning when you are a missionary. Let us all be missionaries.

The reason that I am sending this on Wednesday instead of Monday is because I WENT TO THE TEMPLE. I didn't know i was able to! I went to the Los Angeles Temple about 30 minutes away. It was so amazing! It was a very cool experience. They had murals on the walls. It was prolly the most beautiful Ive seen, even though I hate to admit it. It was a very special experience and I'm glad I got to go. On the mission you get to go every 6 months. Im glad that i made the cuttoff :)
I gotta get going. Im so glad and grateful to be blessed with Conference, The temple, awesome investigators and even awesomer supporters. I feel the love around me. I hope you know that I love all of you with the bottom of my heart. And thats pretty deep :)

Love you guys!

LoVE, Elder Page