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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Elder Pagina & The CCM

¡Hola Mi Familia!

Yeah sorry for having pday on thursday and not being able to write. Your first week here you dont get a pday. Well today is the day! I have pdays on thursdays in case you didnt catch that :)

I have got to say Mexico is AMAZING! Everyone is so nice where ever you go. Everyone in the CCM (Spanish MTC, it means Central Commission for MIssionaries, in spanish of course) is super nice and willing to help at the drop of a hat. Its so nice to be around wholesome strangers 24/7. Everyone has the same goal. Su Objetivo. Which is the Missionary Objective. I have it memorized in Spanish! Yay me! I could recite it right now but then how would you know Im not looking at it haha :) I also have the first vision memorized in spanish.

I guess Ill tell you a bit about what goes on around here. Wake up at 630 every morning, shave, brush your tooth. From 7 to 8 personal study. Breakfast at 8. Then we have language study for most of the day until 1140 which is gym time. Then lunch, then prepare to teach our first "investigator" his name is Pedro. He is actually a member but he acts like an investagador for our practice. Its hard to understand what he is asking or what he needs to hear but me and mi compañero made it through our lessons with the spirit present. We had a total of 5 lessons with him. It was muy dificil but we got him to commit to baptizm! We are pretty awesome.

Oh I totally forgot to mention my companion! His name is Elder Logan Nielsen. He is from Seattle. He is soooo funny! He is a huge guy like muscle-wise. Hes not that tall, so hes pretty stocky. He can bench some ridiculous amount and he eats like 4 times the amount of food of a regular person. No literaly. We had pizza a few nights ago and he ate 9 pieces. And they were huge slices! We say he eats like a beast because he does. He is really spiritual too. We both talk about the same amount during our discussions with our investigador (its all in spanish just fyi) and he comes up with some really good sentences. We both love Batman and we both love Harry Potter. Hes a pretty happy go lucky guy.
Elder Page's companion: Elder Nielsen

All my housemates are awesome. Debo escribo a circa de them for a while pero i wont. I will just give a quick run down cause their awesome. In my room there are 4 beds, 1 for me, 1 for elder nielsen, 1 for elder elm, and 1 for elder haws. Elder Elm is from Utah and he is a pretty cool guy. He loves to read and he has listened to the audio books for Harry Potter for like 3 years straight. He loves Harry Potter soooo much. His mom gave him a list of HP quotes that can relate to the gospel too. He is also a big sports fan. And elder haws is a cool guy too. He loves to run and has some ridiculous times for cross country running. He is from Nebraska. He is probably the smartest guy in our district.

There are a total of 2 pairs of sisters, Hermanas Rawls and Carter and Lau and Stott in my class. There are 3 sets of elders in my class, Elders Haws and Elm, Elders Goff and Tesina and Perry (a 3 some) and then me and elder Nielsen. We all mesh well together. We do everything together and thats okay by me cause they are all awesome people. Ill tell you more about them in my next letter if you want me to.

Anyways ill tell you some funny things that happened. On the first day here we taught an investigator as a class as part of orientation. We were wondering what were some ways to approach the investagador (investagador is the spanish spelling). Anyways the teacher asked "do you think that he could ever be a member?" and then hermana rawls hand shot up and said "oh yeah, mormon girls all over him!" It was so funny because she basically said he was cute and it caught me off guard. It was like the first really funny thing i heard since being at the mtc. Hahaha. I told my class about it and they thought it was hilarious too so now its our inside joke. It was funny.

Everyone here calls me Elder Pagina (pa-hee-na) because that means Page in spanish. Sometimes they even call me just Pagina. I like my new nickname :) even my language teacher sister olsen calls me pagina. Its funny.
Elder Page and his teacher Sister Olsen

I love it here. It really is a pleasure living in my own house and we get to go outside every where we go. At night we can see the stars and we can see the mountain right next to us light up. It really is bonita.

Sorry if i dont get to everyones emails. I will try to be faster next time. Next time ill be deadly serious next time. Whats that from? My brain!

Love, Elder Pagina

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