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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Just Another Day in Paradise!

Hey its me again!

Just so ya know I have received all of your Dear Elders so thank you for sending them! I would kindly ask that you would send them only by mail please, not to my email. It takes exactly 10 days to get here just so ya know. I just recieved your letters yesterday. Its a little tough to keep track of things that i have or haven't read with them in my email too but its all good :)

This week I will try to write to everybody. Sorry for leavin people out. Its just the way the Choki (cookie) crumbles.

Also i thought i might mention why i didnt really have a lot of time last week. Cause I went to the TEMPLE! It was sooooo beautiful inside. It was a really special experience. I knew exactly what was happening and I am glad that i went so many times before my mission. Thank you guys for being awesome! I loved every second of it.

I really am grateful to you guys. I dont know where i would be with out you people and the church. Its such a blessing to be in this Evangelio and sentir the things i feel. I cant thank my Heavenly Father enough for the blessings I receive.

Also i wanted to mention that I got sick last Wednesday with a horrible stuffy nose and sore throat. I didnt rest at all though. I knew that if I kept on working I would get through it. Boy was I wrong. My throat doesnt hurt any more but nose continually runs and Im not quick enough to catch it :)

I guess Ill give you a quick run down on the food here since Ash asked. It usually is pancakes or waffles daily for breakfast or you can have some kind of meat with some fruit sauce covering it. Its not bad, but i can tell you im kinda tired of pancakes and waffles. Probably because they are made from the same batter. Cereal is always an option for every meal. It runs out quick though so you gotta be fast. Las Hermanas and Older Couples always go first for food, which I actually think is nice but you´ve got plenty of others who complain. Chivalry is not dead :)

Anyways the lunch consists of some kind of chicken or beef with really spicy sauce on it. Beans, rice, and corn tortillas are always available during lunch. Its really nice to make your own taco slash burrito. But youve gotta be careful about the chicken on the bone. One day we were eating it without question and we realized all our pieces had feathers on it! It was truly disgusting. Lets just say that cereal was out that afternoon hahaha. But other than that there hasnt been too many disgusting things. Some things youve gotta grin and bear. Bear or bare? And dinner is very similar to lunch minus the beans and tortillas. Its not stereotypical Mexican food here. If you think Mexican food you think of some sort of enchilladas or burritos, with cheese covering the whole plate. Nope it really is just some sort of meat with fruit sauce on it. Like peach covered pork or something. And every tuesday is pizza night which is nice except the dough is a little doughy. Eh, cant complain. I like it (:

It really is a blessing to be with such amazing people surrounding me. I look up to every single person in my class. Everyone has their strong suit. Haha mission jokes. Anyways its cool to see how people grow in el Evangelio. I can feel each individual´s sweet spirit. Also since Ashleigh asked again I thought i would mention that I live with my classroom at my house (minus las hermanas obviously). My housemates are the same as my classmates. We sleep one room away from each other. 4 elders in my room and 3 elders in their room. 2 showers between both rooms. 1 objective for us all. (<<< See what I did there!!!)

I knew that it was inevitable, but the class got into a little spat. I wont go into great detail but i thought it was worth mentioning. But after we got over ourselves it was way cool to see us become even closer, if its even possible. We apologized and then moved on. We also talked about ways to avoid these things. I love my class and Im glad we are so close.

Thanks for supporting me while im here! I love you guys. And mom you said to ask for anything. I want a NEW WATCH. Im not fond of it. It ticks too loudly and I cant tell time very fast. I know thats horrible but i would like that really cool watch Brennan Burgoyne had. It was awesome and it told time effectively. And i want a Five Guys cheeseburger so bad. Amen.


Elder Pagina

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  1. I love this kid!!! He is amazing! Of course I am not bias in anyway. :)