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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Flight to the Missionary Training Center

¡Hola Everybody!
I am here and I am safe. It was a little nerve racking to fly by myself but I made it through. I don't have much time to write except to say that i made it. Forgive my typos the keyboards down here are a little weird and they will take some time to get used to. I want you all to know that I love you and I will be okay away from home. I met some other missionaries and they are going through the exact same things as me and that was comforting.
I couldnt help but relate the plane ride here to my new beginning. As I left, I thought that the take off was my take off in a missionary way. Its anticipated, unexpected, and yet satisfying. Its a little bumpy at first but once you keep going it gets more and more beautiful. The lining above the clouds truly is silver. I know because Ive seen it. I know that Heavenly Father sent me that comforting that message at that time and it was what i needed to hear.
I fell asleep a couple times on the plane but the screaming baby next to me wasnt helping :) Customs was really easy to get through but it was a little tough to navigate through the rest of the airport. The toughest part so far is the language barrier. I arrived and was quickly whisked away by the welcomers. They didnt know any english
bye sorry
15 minutes later
hahahahahahha! sorry for that unexpected goodbye. A siren went off and then they told us to get out. Suposedly an earthquake was going to happen but nothing ever happened! hahah that was funny. It wasnt a drill either it was just a small tremor haha.
Anyways, they didnt know any english so it was tough to figure out that they wanted me to get some spanish money and then go to the bathroom. Then everybody started to come. There was 5 of us total. 4 elders and 1 sister. They are all pretty awesome.
The bus ride from the airport to the missionary training center took about 50 mins. It was a great site to see.
Anyways i hafta leave for real. I love you guys. I´ll be learnin spanish in no time and i will learn Gods language too.
Love, Elder Page
Officially labeled a representative of Jesus Christ. 

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