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Sunday, September 8, 2013

One Week is One Percent

Hey Erbody!

Yep! You´ve guessed it! Today is Pday again! Isnt it cool to think that each week i write is one percent of my mission complete? Crazy huh?

Anyways this week was awesome as always. It was a pretty regular week to say the least. We heard D. Todd Christofferson in our devotional last Sunday. It was an excellent talk about 3 things that he regrets from his mission and how we can do the things that he regrets. The spirit was so strong when he spoke. It was an awesome experience. We also heard Jeffrey R. Holland a couple of weeks ago. I might of mentioned this before and if i did its worth repeating. Anyways he said that when you come home off your mission, you should never go back to what you were before. You should always be improving in the gospel. I loved that.

I didnt get to write much in my journal this week and now im starting to regret it. Sometimes if i need help to remember what happened this last week i look to my journal. The reason i didnt get to write much is because i was too busy talking to my roomies. I need to be more diligent, not just in writing, but in all aspects of the Gospel. But anyways...

Thank you all for your sweet letters and emails. I love hearing from each and everyone of you. I know you all say that its okay that i dont respond immediately but i wish i could. It seems as if someone makes time go much faster when im on the computer. Also I wanted to tell mom that i just got her dear elder sent from like 10 days ago. It was much needed on a rough day. Some days are awesome as can be but other days can be challenging with all that i must remember. Im starting to learn that the Lord doesnt expect me to be a pro at spanish by the time im outta here but i think it could help :) I know i already mentioned that last week but its still somethin im workin on. This week was a really great week because i decided to take breaks when necessary and it really has improved my methods of study. I actually understand what i learn when i do this and i also dont feel stressed. Theres a method to my madness but there is also madness to my method :)

I want all who read this that i love this Gospel. God lives. He appeared to a boy in the woods and restored his church to the earth! Isnt it wonderful that we are able to share this news with others?! Dont take my word for it, but kneel and pray and ask if the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true church. I know that if you do this you will receive an answer and i know that you will feel peace unto your hearts. It is so nice to know that this is the true and everlasting gospel. I cant deny it. Ive seen heard and felt too much. One of my most favorite parts of the day is Personal Study. I get to read the Book of Mormon during this time! It really is a sacred text. It answers so many of my questions in ways that i would never think possible. Its so easy to focus on what i dont know and maybe complain a little bit but nothing will get done. Youll still be in the same spot you were before. But i know that if we put our doubts and fears against the truth of the Book of Mormon, the book of Mormon will comfort and protect us. We must seek diligently and work for our answers instead of waiting for them. Faith without works is dead. I love the gospel and I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

My teachers are awesome. My district- i can describe in 3 words- hardworking, loyal, and punctual.... Seriously they are ridiculously awesome. I learn so much from them everyday and I can honestly say that i love them dearly. My life is great at the CCM. I know my mission will be great as long as i am obedient.

Love, Elder Page

P.S. sorry if this email was jumbled :) i luh yah

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