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Monday, September 30, 2013

Short Letter

Hey Erbody!

Not much time this week. I am always short on time but this week especially.

My companions name is Elder Ostler. He is from Washington state. He attends BYU-Idaho. He's is RiDiCuLoUsLy good at Spanish. He has been out for a year and he has a firm grasp on the language. I'm glad he is my companion. And he knows his stuff on bikes.

This week was really good so far. I got to teach a man, he was kind of vulgar but we told him as missionaries we dont do that kind of stuff. He stopped immediately when we said that. He then apologized and said that he was testing us to see if we would react differently. I don't know if that was all correct. Anyways it was just really cool to see him get his act together. I wish i could say that he came to church but he didn't. Something that was really cool during the lesson is that while we were teaching I could imagine him coming to church and coming to know that these things are true. I don't know if it was a vision but it was pretty close. Thats why im excited for this guy.

Another really awesome investigator is the dad of a 16 year old boy that I mentioned last time. He comes to church every week and absorbs the gospel like a sponge. He really is a fun one to teach but his only problem is reading. We should always read the BoM everyday no matter what happens. Even if it is just a couple verses a day. At least its something.

Thats the only investigators that are progressing for us. Its tough to come to this realization but the good thing is that we have a lot of references and contacts. We just need to work on contacting the references to see if they are interested in the Gospel of Christ.

Hears my lesson to all of you that i prolly mentioned before. I wish that I had a stronger testimony of the BoM before my mission. When I came out into the mission I had a testimony of the BoM but now it has been strengthened times a hundred. It is the most correct book of any book ever. I continue to learn from it daily and all my questions are answered daily if i continue to read. That is all i have to say about that. KEEP READING! Its manna from heaven.
Stay in school kids. Love the Gospel. Continue to be converted.

Elder Page

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